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Mozart B. C. Menezes

Information available on Professor Menezes' acitivities



  • “Transportation Infrastructure Network Design: Discussion on topologies and their computational complexity,” with Juan Antonio Mesa and Federico Perea. 
  • “Scheduling coordinated respirology lab-clinics to maximize the service level under stochastic testing time”, with Farzad Zaerpour and Diane Bischak.  S
  • “Constructing a Watts-Strogatz network from a real small-world network,” with Seokjin Kim and Rongbing Huang.  
  • “Estimating Demand Variability and Capacity Costs due to Social Network Influence”, with Giovani da Silveira and Renato Guimarães.  
  • “Facility location problems and the complexity of information,” with Diego Ruiz-Hernandez and Mehdi Amiri-Aref.
  • “Measuring information content as proxy for supply chain complexity,” with Aicha Amrani and Diego Ruiz-Hernandez.
  • “Measuring the information content of ports’ sea-shipement lines.” with Mehdi Amiri-Aref and Pierre Cariou.
  • “Optimal Policy for a Sustainable Operations Model Using Wind-Energy: The recipe for small and medium manufacturing enterprises,” co-authored with Youyi Feng.
  • “Network Design for a New Product: The effect of a short lifecycle,” with Diego Ruiz-Hernandez, Kai Luo and Oihab Allal-Cherif.
  • “Topologic features defining the fabric of complex networks: Uncovering the building blocks”.
  • “Discussion notes on Condorcet voting with stochastic preferences”, with Roberto Pinto.
  • “A Social Choice Based Heuristic” with Roberto Pinto and Dmitry Krass. • “The Variable-Capacitated Facility Location Problem”, with Serigne Gueye and Diego Ruiz.
  • “Planning Shutdown under Disruption Threats: A facility location problem”, with Dmitry Krass.
  • “The stochastic-utility based Condorcet model” w/ Zvi Drezner

Appearances in the midia 

  • CORS Bulletin, Vol. 48, 1, February 2014. “Improving the collection of household recyclables at the City of Calgary” by Mozart Menezes and Vedat Verter.
  • MIT SUPPLY CHAIN FRONTIERS, Issue #45, Spring 2012: “Are You in the Right Locations?”
  • El Diario del Puerto, Zaragoza, Spain, 20/April/2012: “La innovación bien entendida será la clave de los nuevos valores añadidos que debe aportar la logística”. Press article about the PILOT 2012 Forum.
  • El Periódico, Spain, 28/March/2012, “El Pilot convierte un año más a Zaragoza en capital de la logística”. Press article about PILOT 2012

Seminars/special talks (abridged)

  • Kedge Business Club Conferences – June 2016: “Why Managing a Supply Chain is a Tough Business”. A talk part of the series “Chatting with the industry”
  • Sixth OSCM Research Fair – Haskayne Business School – December 2014: “Social Network Influence on Purchasing Decisions”.  
  • University of Lethbridge, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science – October 2014: “The Impact of Social Network Influences on the Cost of Capacity Reservation”.
  • Canadian Operational Research Society – Calgary. Professional Development Seminar “Social Network Influence on Variability of Demand: The Hidden Cost of a Connected World”. September 17, 2014 – Calgary.  
  • CUNEF–Ingenium Research Seminar Series – May 2014: “Potential Root Causes of Problems when Managing a Supply Chain.”
  • CUNEF–Ingenium Research Seminar Series – May 2014: “The Unreliable Facility Location Problem: Mitigating the Consequences of Facility Failure through Network Design.”
  • Alberta School of Business – University of Alberta, February 2014, “Mitigating the effect of facility disruptions through network design: Understanding centralization and co-location.”
  • Laboratoire de Génie Industriel et Production Mécanique (LGPIM), Université de Lorraine – France, February 2013: Anticipating Disasters: Locating Facilities for Mitigation.
  • OPMA Research Fair 2012 (University of Calgary): The Wisdom of Voters Evaluating the Weber Objective at the Condorcet Solution.
  • Canadian Operational Research Society – Calgary. Professional Development Seminar “The Wisdom of Voters: Evaluating the Weber Objective at the Condorcet Solution”. September 20, 2012 - Calgary.
  • XII International PILOT 2012 Forum, April 18, 21012. “Gestión de la Supply Chain: Decisiones Importantes”. About 200 speakers and over 10,000 attendees have participated in annual meeting. The 2012 edition of Pilot brought together 850 attendees.
  • Drucker School Speaker Series presentation "The Wisdom of Voters: Evaluating the Quality of a Voting Outcome" at the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management, Claremont Graduate University - California, April 20, 2012.